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Emotet Malspam Q4, 2019 campaign.

Starting from late November, 2019 till now (9th December, 2019), the NaijaSecForce team detected a surge in Emotet spam campaign targeting corporate mailboxes within Africa and Globally. Emotet is not new as it was first recorded in 2014. Emotet is an extremely sophisticated and destructive banking Trojan used to download and install other malware. ...
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Pyrogenic – The JAR-Based Malware Spreading Across Africa and the Middle East

Time Frame 3rd November, 2019 – Current Overview The NaijaSecForce team have detected a new wave of malware spreading across Africa and the Middle East. This malware comes in form of a spam campaign targeting corporate mailboxes within Africa and the Middle east. We started receiving reports of this malware campaign on the 3rd of […]...
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There is a shell in your lunch-box

My team was recently engaged by a client (HackMe) to perform a black-box external penetration test. The objective was simple – see how susceptible the organization is from an external point of view and test the effectiveness of the security controls that are managed enterprise-wide. As such, asides, the company name, we were given “ZERO” […]...