Security Operations Certification Mindmap

We understand how daunting it is to decide on certifications to take as a Cybersecurity professional or enthusiast. As we might know already, Cybersecurity has multiple domains. In this post, we shall be focusing on the “Security Operations” domain and splitting into Forensics, Incident Response & Threat Intelligence. There is also a sub-domain within “Security Operations” that focuses on managing security tools & devices – we have left this out of this mindmap as every product has a certification tied to it.

The security operations job ensures that day in/day out, you are tasked with the duty of discovering anomalies on the wire. You are mostly saddled with daily operations around defense, observation, intelligence, investigation & response. Hitherto, this post has detailed certifications, which are believed to grant every blueteamer the launching pad that will aid a successful BlueTeam career – for those of us that believe in certifications.

This mindmap has been created by Damilola Obasa, Nurudeen Odeshina & Rotimi Akinyele for Naijasecforce. Do consider this as Version 1 and if there is anything missing, kindly comment below so we can add in the updated version.

You can download the high resolution version here