Career Path Series – Cloud Security

On this series on career path, Mosimi interviewed cybersecurity professionals on cloud security. The cloud has changed how people use the Internet. This is especially true for companies and organizations who are adopting the use of cloud. While the adoption has increased, so have the challenges in regards to cloud security.

Cloud security is a tactical path in cybersecurity that entails the protection of data, applications and infrastructures involved in the cloud. Cloud security is absolutely critical in making sure your organization does not become vulnerable.

Do enjoy the interviews!

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Joy Ibeabuchi-Emedom

  • My name is Joy Ibeabuchi-Emedom
  • Friends call my Eff-Jay meaning FatJoy
  • Life is hard at the same time interesting; always believe you can conquer because truly you are your greatest FAN.
  • People say if I wasn’t into Information Technology, I would be a good comedian.
  • I believe LOVE always CONQUERS ALL.

What attracted you to this career path?

Honestly, it was the Movie 24. Sounds funny right? The character Chloe fascinated me on how she was able to trace things happening on the systems. I have always believed that the human mind is the origin of Innovation – If It Can Think It, then it can be done. I was curious to understand how systems integrate and how people could communicate with each other from different countries.

How has your first few years in cloud security been for you?

Awesome, mind blowing, engaging and busy. Knowing that as we gear towards technology and move away from physical datacenters to cloud services, one must ensure that the right configuration, policies and procedures are in place to prevent us from exposure. It is constantly a daily routine learning on how to be secured with cloud services and implementing this on the infrastructures that are placed in my care.

What would you wish someone had told you before going into this field?

Absolutely nothing. I delved into technology working with a good institution and so I learnt a lot.

What would be an important piece of advice for someone who is considering going into your career path?

Nothing is static in this field. Continuous reading, research, self-improvement and quest for information is what is required to stand you out.

What advise would you give to someone prior to getting a job in this field?

Get basic computer networking and security knowledge it would help put things into perspectives. I would recommend the CompTIA Security + and CompTIA N+ course. If you are a fresh graduate, try to take up internship jobs in this field to give you good background. Learn one scripting skills e.g. Python, It is good for automating your processes.

Do you have a mentor?

Yes, Ikenna Nwafor and Ike Williams. These men have helped shaped my career into what it is today and where it is going to. I also have people who have been awesome tools in this Journey Daniel Onwude, Michael Ogunlade, Victor Okpara (my first Boss), Adeniyi Ademosu, Fatumata Soukouna-Coker and Babatola Oresajo

Ejovi Agarin

Ejovi is a service driven business-security professional with a combination of technical and business skills to understand client requirements and deliver services tailored to the client’s needs and operating environment.

He has successfully managed and delivered a range of cyber security and data protection engagements across several market sectors including MSPs, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Utilities, Higher Education, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology etc.

He holds a B.Eng degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering as well as a MSc. Information Security (Distinction) with dissertation focused on “Attack models and security of Cyber-Physical System (SCADA) systems” from Royal Holloway, University of London.

His areas of focus include Cloud (Architecture and Security), Security Architecture, Security Strategy and Security Governance.

What would be an important piece of advice for someone who is considering going into Cloud Security?

Understand the concept of cloud, deployment models and responsibility models. Go back to the basics of IT and Cloud (avoid the temptation of simply jumping into cloud security.) “You can only secure what you understand”

What’s the most underrated skill someone needs to have to excel in this path?
Understanding the basic IT concepts- like TCP/IP stack, network routing, how applications and data base work etc.

What is the one book you’ve read that changed/impacted your career?

“The checklist manifesto” – by Atul Gawande

Do you have mentees? How do you pass on this knowledge?
I join communities and leverage opportunities in communities. To develop mentees and peers, I continually share insights, project artefacts, white papers and patterns and work with them on community projects e.g frameworks and design patterns for common client use cases.

What is your advice for experienced people like yourself?

Maintain your knowledge and keep up to date with the fast changing threat and offerings landscape , join communities, keep playing around with the consoles. Understand clearly the use case before considering the security requirements. Be business focused. Be mindful of the temptation to adopt conventional security principles in your security design for the cloud.

About Author:

Mosimilolu Odusanya is a cybersecurity senior consultant with experience in IT Audit and IT Security Consulting. She has assisted SEC-Listed organisations with various cyber security projects from Security Assessments, Data Privacy Law Implementation, SCADA Assessments, etc. She have also have worked with various clients in various sectors including Oil & Gas Companies, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies etc.

One of her goals is bridging the gender gap in cyber security by motivating women to join the Cyber Security Industry. She is also available for a chat/discussion if any lady needs it.

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